Davinor M-Flex is sophisticated Graphical User Interface software especially designed for LayerGauge instrument operation and multilayer analysis.

LayerGauge is always delivered with latest version of M-Flex.Older gauges can be updated to modern M-Flex software.

M-Flex software has different feature sets depending on the exact version and intended instrument model. To ease the version selection we use the following naming convention

M-Flex 1.4, for old LayerGauge models 1 and 2

M-Flex16, for LayerGauge model 16 (earlier “Basic”)

M-Flex22, for LayerGauge model 22

M-Flex32, for LayerGauge model 32

M-Flex software provides outstanding user convenience with clear and comprehensive reporting.

Please see example reports.

For more details please contact Davinor.