LayerGauge instruments are thickness gauges for multilayer structures, capable of measuring layers individually and simultaneously. They see inside a test sample and detect different material layer thicknesses down to 2 µm.

LayerGauges are widely used by food and medical packaging manufacturers, whose products have multilayer structures like in co-extruded barrier films or in coated liquid paper boards.

This unique technology is available in three different instrument models:

LayerGauge16 has been specially developed for laboratory use. It’s good value for reduced cost with no extra functions. Samples are handled by operator and straightforward software offers intuitive control and reporting.

LayerGauge22 includes motorized sample handling and automatic measuring functions. The sample handling has been optimized for coated papers and cardboards like ones used in liquid packages. Software provides wide range of options for instrument control and reporting.

LayerGauge32 is especially suitable for automatic QC of plastic films. It has fully programmable sample handling combined with rich reporting and data handling functions. This is the one instrument barrier film co-extruder needs either in a lab or at a factory.

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