Send Samples

Davinor offers free suitability study to ensure performance of products with customer’s materials and to help in selecting the correct model for each case.

You are welcome to send your materials to be tested!

Our delivery address is:

Davinor Ltd
Asesepankuja 3
00620 Helsinki

We inform you after the package arrives and send test results soon after, typically within few days.

All customer materials and related information are handled in confidentiality. If you wish to have materials back, please include a note with the return address. Otherwise they will be destroyed after a few weeks from final results.

Not much material is needed. Equivalent to one magazine page is normally enough. If you want us to measure longer thickness profiles include more sample material and let us know your preference.

To help us respond quickly please fill out the Sample Specification Form and include it in to your package.

Sample Specification Form download

Thank you!